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RPOF Q3 meeting – 11/2-3, 2017

RPOF Statesman’s dinner at Disney Grand Floridian , Orlando, Florida. Vice president Mike Pence was the keynote speaker and delivered an inspiring speech with special thanks from President Trump to the Republicans of Florida who turned Florida Red with the 2016 presidential election that helped candidate Trump securing the presidency. RSLAAC members attended the dinner and … Continue reading RPOF Q3 meeting – 11/2-3, 2017

#FITCE17 – 10/17-18, 2017

RSLAAC members attended Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo at Fort Lauderdale Convention Center. #FITCE17 CONFIRMED DIGNITARIES: Keynote speaker our beloved Florida Governor Rick Scott who welcomed attendees and encourage culture and arts as the gateway for trade with 50 countries who participated.   Broward County Mayor Barbara Sharief Manny Mancia, vice president International Trade … Continue reading #FITCE17 – 10/17-18, 2017

Club Announcement – June 7, 2017

Palm Beach County Republicans announced the formation of a new Republican club that will reach out to the growing Syrian Lebanese Armenian communities in South Florida. Membership is free, if you like to attend our meeting contact us at: contact@rslaac.com Follow us on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @rslaac Thanks for the continued support of Palm … Continue reading Club Announcement – June 7, 2017

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