The mission of the RSLAAC is to promote the principles of the Republican Party in Palm Beach and Broward Counties, Florida. We support conservative Republican candidates at all levels of government, from township supervisor to President of the United States.

The Republican Party mobilized residents to register for the 2016 elections and was instrumental in President Trump election win of Florida . Given the dysfunctional nature of Washington D.C. politics, now is a more important time than ever to stand up for the beliefs that so many of us in Palm Beach and Broward Counties share. We must continue to advance the principles of limited government, lower taxes, pro-life and revisit the immigration law to safe guard the American people, secure our borders and protect our constitutional freedoms by supporting and electing Republican candidates for congressional districts like Rep Brian Mast and Senator Marco Rubio for the Senate seat.

Some of the important issues facing America today are national security, immigration, refugees, borders security, economy, jobs and healthcare. Mainstream media supported by domestic and foreign groups are feeding the left-wing groups to work hard on dividing our people, undermine our democracy and elected president. RSLAAC will be working hard on educating the public of past and present danger to our national security and educate the public of past historical events worldwide so we can apply proper security measures in the mainland and abroad.

The persecution and attempt for annihilation of religious minorities which started with the Armenians, Syriacs, Chaldeans or Aramaic-speaking Christians by Turkish Ottoman in 1915 where 1.5 million Armenians and 1/2 million Syriac were killed. We must educate the public and press our government to recognize the Armenian, Syriac Genocide which 20 countries worldwide have already officially declared the horrific events of 1915 a genocide, including Germany, France, Canada, and Russia. Another Genocide of religious minorities were the European Jews of The Holocaust by Nazi Germany during WWII 1941-1945 which 6 million Jews were killed. Recent events in Iraq and Syria are reminder that Christian minorities are facing Genocide by Islamic Extremism and ideology carried out primarily by ISIS and Alqaeda affiliates groups and exporting their terror to Europe and America with a direct threat to our lifestyle and national security.

2017-2018 there will be several elections, with great importance to the future of Palm Beach and Broward Counties of Florida. The club will be hosting series of events and invite notable speakers to talk about most important issues facing the counties, state and country. Also, It’s important to have experienced and hardworking people fighting to ensure our Republican candidates are elected. Club members and non-members registered Republicans and supporters will play pivotal role in achieving the club’s mission and goals.

Please consider joining our club, and be sure to add this website to your bookmarks and Like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ RSLAAC so you can continue to get the latest news and updates about the RSLAAC’s activities locally and statewide. Thank you for your patronage and beliefs in the Republican principles.